We’ve just released a new section to our styling menu that allows you fine-tune control over the viewing experience of pop-ups. Popups are a great way to show descriptive information about your layer’s features and associated attributes. Styling pop-ups has never been easier in Felt!

Configure Popup Styling

Popups are on by default for uploaded data layers. You can access the popup styling option for any layer by clicking on it to style and then looking for the Popup section at the bottom of the panel. It’s below the Labels section.


Styling Options

In seconds you have many control options in how your pop-ups appear for a layer, and easily modify what gets displayed. Any modification you make updates the map instantly!

Turn popups off/on

With one click you can disable and re-enable popups for a layer.

popups - onoff.gif

Click or hover popups

Configure pop-ups on click, on label click, or on hover and click


On click (default)

popups - onclick.gif

On label click

popups - label click.gif