Annotating your map

A map is as good as the story it tells. Annotate your map with workspace elements to highlight specific areas, guide users around the map, or simply prove a point.

Fine-tuning your elements’ styles


Here’s a full list of styling options:

Styling Option Description Element Types
Opacity Adjust the transparency. For polygons, adjust the opacity of the Fill and Stroke individually. Routes, Lines, Polygons, Markers, Highlighters and Images
Width Set the stroke width in pixels Routes, Lines and Polygons
Stroke style Choose between a Solid, Dashed or Dotted stroke Routes, Lines and Polygons
Endcaps Add Start and End endcaps Routes
Routing Switch routing mode between Driving, Cycling, Walking and Flying Routes
Align Choose between Left, Center or Right-alignment Text and notes
Style Select a Italic, Light, Regular or CAPS text style Text and notes
Distance Toggle the distance measurement Routes and Lines
Radius Toggle the radius measurement Circles
Area Toggle the area measurement Polygons
Show name Toggle the label Pins
Details Add name-value pairs of details, as seen in Untitled ( Pins, Routes, Lines, Polygons, Markers, Highlighters, Images and Links
Label sizing (zoom-based styling) To set up zoom-based styling, convert the elements to a layer (Right-click on element > Actions > Convert to Layer) Pins, Routes, Lines, Polygons, Circles

Resizing and rotating elements

Elements in the workspace can be resized and rotated. Most elements can only be resized by pulling from the corner, but you can change the aspect ratio for notes and images by pulling from the side as well.


Selecting elements

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 16.10.23.png

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 15.41.16.png

Locking elements

Once you’re done creating and fine-tuning your objects, you can lock (🔒) them to make sure they aren’t inadvertently moved or modified.

Locking will prevent making any changes to an object’s style or properties until it’s unlocked. (🔓)


<aside> ❗ Locking is useful to avoid accidental modifications. Be aware that all users with editing permissions can lock and unlock objects