Creating elements

Use the pin, route, line or polygon tools in the Toolbar to create data. Pin elements can also be created via Search (see Navigation & Search for more details).

<aside> 🚀 Want to use your data somewhere else? Feel free to export it in Exporting Data format and bring it into QGIS, OpenStreetMap or any of your tools of choice. And if you’re looking to import your own Shapefiles, check out Upload Anything


Adding more properties

Pins, routes, lines and polygons can all have names, descriptions, as well as an unlimited number of details (pairs of names and values). Detail names must be unique.

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 19.34.38.png

Marker and highlighter elements can also have names, descriptions and details, but can’t have images.

Enabling Measurements

You can enable measurements for routes, lines and polygons both during creation and also later in the Style menu (see Annotating and Styling Elements for more details)

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 19.38.30.png