Felt for Educators

Maps are an important way to explore the world around us, revealing spatial relationship that would not otherwise be obvious. Creating & analyzing maps are important skills for all people to learn. For these reasons, Felt is free for classroom use. Below are three steps you need to complete to get your classroom using Felt.

<aside> 💡 New in Felt: Workspaces Felt’s Workspaces allow educators to manage their classrooms and keep maps in one organized place for each class they teach.

Create one Workspace per class you teach. Within each Workspace you can create Projects, which keep maps separate for different units or even managing different group assignments.


Step 1. Create a Workspace for your class

<aside> 📚 Create one Workspace for each class so maps remain separate between different classes


New to Felt?

  1. Sign up for Felt with your edu email and create a Workspace by clicking the Create a new workspace button during the sign up
  2. Name your team after your class name.
  3. Skip the email invite section for now and click Create Workspace



Already have an account?

  1. Navigate to the Felt home, click on your current workspace, and select Create workspace


  1. Name the workspace after your class.
  2. Skip the email invite section for now and click Create Workspace

Step 2. Fill out this form to verify your educational license

The form is here. Our verification process takes less than two weeks (it is often faster).

You will receive an email confirmation from us when you are verified.