Workspaces and projects

Felt’s Workspaces allow organizations to manage their teammates, maps, and data in one place. Within a Workspace you will create Projects for different teams and/or themes. These Projects keep your maps organized.

<aside> 📚 Are you an educator? Check out our doc on setting up your classroom in Felt!


New to Felt? Create your first workspace

When creating a Felt account you will be prompted to create a new workspace or join an existing one.

  1. If your organization is not already using Felt, create a workspace by clicking on the Create a new workspace button:


  1. Name the workspace after your organization.

    1. Check the option to enable coworkers to automatically join the workspace when they sign up.


  2. Invite your coworkers by adding their emails. Once you’ve invited your team, click Send invites and then click Send Invites


Already have an Account? Create a new workspace

If you have already signed up for Felt you can set up a new workspace for a new organization.

  1. Navigate to your Home page (from a map click on the main Felt menu in the upper-left corner, then on Home).
  2. Click on the name of the current workspace and then click Create Workspace to get started.


  1. Name your new workspace
  2. Invite your teammates by email. Add comma-separated emails to invite multiple teammates at once (ex: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected])


  1. Configure the permissions for your teammates and click Invite