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See the Upload Anything for general information on file formats and size limits.

ESRI Shapefiles

Shapefiles are a multi-file format, with each file containing some specific data. Three file parts are mandatory (.shp, .shx and .dbf) and, without any of them, your upload will not be successful.

A fourth component (.prj) is very common, and used to determine what Spatial Reference System should be used to interpret the coordinates in your data. If this file is not present, Felt will assume the coordinates are in latitude/longitude (represented by the EPSG code 4326).


See the Working With Spreadsheets page for general information on tabular file formats like CSV or Excel.

Point coordinates


See the Geocoding Addresses page for general information on how Geocoding works.


See the Geomatching Regions page for general information on how Geomatching works.

Matching Threshold

Geomatching checks columns in your data for values that match codes or names in our available regions. If a column does not contain a majority of values that match, it will be discarded.