Static Files

Supported File Formats

Felt can read raster data like aerial and satellite imagery, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), surface temperature measurements in a variety of formats:

Styling Raster Layers

You can control the opacity, legend and position of a raster layer relative to the basemap in the Style Editor. Learn more about layer styling in the Styling Vector Data page

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Unknown Projections

Most raster formats include relevant information about the Coordinate Reference System the data is in. However, if no such metadata is found, Felt will assume coordinates to be in latitude & longitude (when inside bounds) or Webmercator meters.


For adequate display, Felt will convert the source data to PNGs with values fitted to the 0-255 range. This might mean some colors may appear slightly different from the original data.

Color tables (paletted values) and No Data values will be respected if present.

Tile URLs

Felt can also read raster data from tiled URL sources in formats like WMTS and XYZ (slippy maps). In the Felt menu (top-left corner), click on File > Add from URL...


These sources must be imported as template URLs, which means the URL must contain the following parts: {z} (zoom), {x} (row) and {y} (column). Instead of the {y} parameter, {-y} may also be used to indicate that tiles are served in TMS format. They must also end in .png, .jpg or .jpeg.