No files? No problem! You can upload any of the Upload Anything file formats directly as a URL to Felt using the Upload from URL tool in the Toolbar (or using the Shift+Cmd+U keyboard shortcut)

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 19.06.47.png

For example, simply paste the following URL to add country data from Natural Earth to your Felt map:


Supported URLs

Google MyMaps

Import all the layers in your MyMaps directly into a Felt map by just copying and pasting the MyMaps link!

Make sure that your MyMaps share permissions have been updated so Anyone with this link can view is turned ON


Copy and paste the link directly in onto the map in Felt and click the Add to map option in the pop-up


Google Sheets

Links to Google Sheets will behave just like regular spreadsheets and CSV files provided they are public. This means they must be viewable by anyone with the link.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 15.33.50.png

XYZ Raster Tiles

Tiled raster services in XYZ (slippy maps) can also be imported as URLs. However, they must be imported as template URLs, which means the URL must contain the following parts: {z} (zoom), {x} (row) and {y} (column). Instead of the {y} parameter, {-y} may also be used to indicate that tiles are served in TMS format. They must also end in .png, .jpg or .jpeg.

Here’s an example raster URL of the city of Aberdeen from the National Library of Scotland: