When using Felt’s Upload Anything tool with spreadsheets, Felt will do its best to display the uploaded data with the right shape or geometry.

But sometimes, you want to change the visualization selected by Felt to customize the way your data is shown on the map. This is called “reprocessing” in Felt. Making these changes allows you to color-code the data the way you need it displayed.


Some examples

  1. Choosing different columns in a spreadsheet to ensure the right location data is used. See Choosing Columns for more information.
  2. Change the points on a map to fill up their associated province, state, or zip code region


  1. Symbolize an area or region as a point instead


Changing the Visualization

Being able to change the default visualization based on different data attributes is possible in Felt because Felt can find the location of data using a number of different methods including:

Steps to change the visualization

  1. Select the uploaded layer
  2. Click the "View Data". This will open a view of the CSV in Felt