[Watch directly on YouTube: https://youtu.be/2LN7DUUXFm0 ](https://youtu.be/2LN7DUUXFm0)

Watch directly on YouTube: https://youtu.be/2LN7DUUXFm0

<aside> 💡 This doc is intended for Workspace Admin users and screenshots of Felt reflect the Admin experience**.**


Definitions and concepts

Workspace The main place where all of your maps and data live.
Project A subset of maps within the workspace. Can be public (open to all members in the workspace) or private (invite only)
Map A map in Felt
Admin Someone with full permissions in the workspace and that workspace’s projects
Owner Creator of a project or map in Felt. Owners have full permissions on the maps they create
Editor Someone with permissions to create and manage maps or data in the workspace
Viewer Someone who can only view the workspace, project, or map. They can leave comments on maps for free but they will not see the Felt toolbar when viewing the map.
Guest Someone who is not invited to the workspace or project but has been shared a map or invited to view a map.
Recent Lists all the maps in you have recently viewed or edited. Can be filtered down to show: maps you own (”Mine”) or maps that belong to the current workspace (”Workspace”). Viewing all maps includes public maps you have viewed.
Drafts Lists the maps you created in this Workspace that do not belong to any Project in the Workspace. Unique and personal to each Workspace Editor.


Workspaces serve as the primary place where teams in the same organization collaborate and share maps. They host all the maps and data for your organization. Data storage and published Layers are shared across the entire Workspace. The Workspace is also the billing entity in Felt.

You can create a new Workspace and/or switch between different Workspaces you belong to by clicking on the name of the workspace in the Felt homepage and selecting + New workspace


Workspace Settings

Workspace Admin can manage members, data storage, subscription plans, and API tokens in the workspace settings. Because Felt bills per editor, only Admin can invite editors to the Workspace or Workspace Projects.


To access the settings: Click on the workspace → Workspace settings



Workspaces are organized into Projects, which allow you to organize your maps into different spaces within the Workspace.

By default all new Workspaces start with a General Project. To add a new project, click + Create Project on the Felt home view of the workspace


Projects can either be Public (open to the entire Workspace) or Private (invite only), which allow for finer access control within your organization. Private projects show a lock icon next to the name. Only those invited to private Projects will see the Project listed.